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Getting Things Done: A Simple Guide to GTD

To say that Getting Things Done® (GTD®) is popular would be an understatement. When Allen published his book Getting Things Done in 2001, he singlehandedly created the personal productivity space. Over 20 years later, GTD is still alive and kicking. Getting Things Done® (GTD®) is a personal productivity methodology gtd methodology created by productivity consultant David Allen. GTD is also one of the “classic” productivity systems that has been around long enough to build a cult-like following. One of the main downsides of the GTD method is that it doesn’t prioritize tasks for you, so you might need to use additional methods.

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Taskade lets you store notes, tasks, projects, reminders, and documents in one place so you don’t have to waste time switching between apps. So, when we talk about GTD to do lists, we mean the different categories of tasks and projects we have. And the getting things done file system is just a fancy way of saying how we arrange these lists and folders to stay organized. For instance, you may want to create a new Folder in Taskade and start building a GTD setup separately from the rest of your workflow. Once you have the framework in place, you can begin filling your in-tray with tasks and ideas connected to a single, small-scale project.

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We recommend that you stick to your current routine while building a GTD setup in the background. Keep reading and rereading the book, highlighting passages, and implementing GTD in increments. Finally, let’s not forget that Getting Things Done® is a life-long investment. It requires commitment—trimming the grass, watering the plants, fertilizing the soil—to see lasting effects.

And if you can’t trust the system you’re using, you’re bound to fall back on old habits and continue storing tasks and ideas all over the place. New York State’s policy is to provide language access to public services and programs. The Getting Things Done methodology is all about organizing your tasks and ideas to make life easier and more productive. It helps you capture and identify all your tasks and thoughts so no important thing slips through the cracks. Using software or apps can be super helpful in managing all these lists and folders.

Getting Things Done: Start Thinking About GTD as More Than Your To-Do List

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” at any given moment without feeling overwhelmed. It helps you stay productive and in control and execute one task at a time without wasting all your time and energy. Building a GTD setup in the background will help you A/B test the setup without interfering with how you currently get things done. It’ll also make it easier to patch any holes as you keep coming back to the book by David Allen and implementing new Getting Things Done® mechanics. Also, don’t forget to add in a weekly review to make keep track of your GTD setup. As we’ve already explained, to-dos and next actions are two different animals.

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Trying to tackle all your life errands, and all your work responsibilities can be too much to handle if you’re new to GTD. No matter how organized you are or how good your task management software is (not pointing fingers!), you need to do some field testing. In a nutshell, outlining is the process of creating hierarchical lists to contain whatever you’re thinking or working on.

  • It was coined in 2013 by Philadelphia 76es general manager Sam Hinkie who mentioned it to journalists to describe his team’s newly-implemented strategy.
  • Now, let’s talk about the reliability of the GTD method.
  • Using several tools to manage your workflow creates a severely fragmented workflow.
  • That’s as long as you’re willing to put in the time and effort to set things up properly and use the system every single day.

Focus on the areas of GTD that are the most problematic, like daily note-taking and Weekly Reviews. You can create recurring tasks in Taskade to remind you when it’s time to sit down and review your system or fill the Inbox with new, exciting ideas. Outlining your project lists will help you create precise and context-rich next actions. It’ll also give you clearly defined starting points for all the tasks you’re working on. Plus, bite-sized tasks are less intimidating which means you’re less likely to procrastinate on them.

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In other words, it helps us complete our tasks and projects without feeling overwhelmed. The GTD system is like a productivity tool designed by David Allen. It’s all about staying organized and reducing stress by following steps. Taskade is a project and task management platform that makes it easier to capture, organize, and process all your GTD items.

They make it easy to move tasks around, set due dates, and get reminders. In the “Projects” folder, list all the projects you’re working on (bigger tasks with multiple steps). GTD is also great for getting things done on time because it breaks everything down into organizing, reflecting, and engaging steps. This way, big projects become easier to handle because they’re broken into smaller tasks.

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They’re just shapeless blobs of mismatched tasks and calendar reminders that lack priority and detail to be actionable. David Allen’s methodology is built on five pillars—capture, clarify, organize, reflect, engage— corresponding to steps in the workflow. You can think of the five pillars as powerful work habits you can improve and reflect on each time you repeat the GTD cycle. This reflection helps you stay organized and focused.

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